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Lenore Rasmussen, PhD, Founder, CEO & CTO

Lenore's drive to advance prosthetic technology for amputees lead her to invent Ras Labs Synthetic Muscle™. She is a recognized leader in the EAP industry with multiple peer reviewed publications, patents, and the book "Electroactivity in Polymeric Materials" (http://www.springer.com/us/book/9781461408772). Previously, she worked at the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Biomaterials Center.

Jill Wittels, PhD, Senior Business Strategy Advisor

Dr. Wittels has nearly 35 years of experience with business unit P&L management, strategy, engineering management and leadership. She also has corporate and government agency experience (DOD and top tier Aerospace and Defense enterprises).

Matt Bowers, Lead Engineer

With a Master's in Robotics Engineering with triple major undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and business management, Matt brings a variety of expertise to the team. He is a PhD candidate at WPI and is focused on Ras Labs' prosthetics and robotics projects.

Simone Rodriguez, Product Development Engineer & Scientist

Simone's cross training in biology and electrical engineering gives her a unique set of skills to fuse important concepts together. She has a passion to bring comfort and natural locomotion to our amputees, as well as advance head safety to athletes of all levels.