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Our Vision

Ras Labs believes in developing customized products that have the power to heal and save lives. Dr. Lenore Rasmussen invented Synthetic Muscle™, which is a robust, flexible polymer that has the ability to expand and contract with electric input at low voltage. In addition to actuation, our material has the intrinsic ability to sense pressure and attenuate impact while maintaining its durability and flexibility. At Ras Labs, we can design our materials to meet the desired requirements for different applications, such as protective gear.

Our Story

While studying at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Lenore Rasmussen miscalculated a chemical scale-up batch in one of her lab experiments. Years later, she recalled her mistaken formulation when asked to explore options for prosthetics for a family member who had a severe injury. She recognized that patients had to choose between functional mechanical-looking devices or visually pleasing devices that could not move.

In 2003, Dr. Lenore Rasmussen founded the company on the principle to advance prosthetic design using robust, electroactive polymers that conjoin form and function to provide for life-like motion and control. Since then, Lenore has developed multiple generations of Synthetic Muscle™ to eliminate disability through advances in prosthetics and robotics.

Ras Labs has built powerful relationships with the US Department of Energy's Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, the Department of Defense. As a MassChallenge Global Finalist in 2013, Ras Labs received an award by CASIS to run an experiment on the International Space Station in 2015. In keeping with our mission, Ras Labs is developing capabilities to improve the interface between mechanical devices and humans, as well as other applications such as protective gear.